Transform your body with this change of diet

Losing those extra pounds that we have gained last year and during the Christmas is one of the purposes that most resonates in homes. Studies indicate that at Christmas we usually gain between 2 and 3 kilos of weight so that at the beginning of the year we are usually obsessed more than ever to lose those extra pounds. The problem arises when we set for ourselves the goal of losing weight within a very short period of time, getting into diets that guarantee to be miraculous, or crushing in the gym without any supervision.

From Rock Renee, our fashion blog, we do not want to get you fooled by miracle diets that do not work. We believe in perseverance, effort and in wanting to fulfill an objective always ahead. Experience has taught us that drastic changes in diet are not the most appropriate solution, so we propose a few simple changes in your day to day diet that will not pose any problem, that will help you lose those extra pounds, and that they will improve your health little by little, though steadily but with excellent results.

In this post, we will start with only 6 diet changes that will help you start transforming your life, your body and, most importantly, your health.

Get a notepad and pen!


Bet on soy and coconut milk.

Alternatives to cow’s milk have been echoing in the market for years. Soy and coconut milk contain 2g of fat per 100 milliliters (40 Kcal), they are perfect to drink if you want to lose weight and also help to respect the animals.


Avocado instead of butter.

This fruit contains a high content of healthy fats, favorable for a healthy heart, eyes, mouth and even our hair. We suggest you use it instead of butter to bake any food, it is also delicious and can be used as a toast accompaniment!


Better opt for vegetable potatoes.

If you want to eat something between meals, it is best to opt for vegetal potatoes, which contain more fiber and vitamins than fried ones. And if you want to bathe them in salsa, bet on humus, it will help you fight hunger and it is low in fat.


Better cinnamon than sugar.

If you want to increase the flavor of your food without endangering your life, one of the best alternatives to sugar is cinnamon. You can add it to your food, for example in your coffee, while it improves your digestion and counteracts the inflammations in your body.


Fruit yogurt or ice cream? ?.

One of the best alternatives to ice cream are the fruit yogurts. You can prepare them from the fruits that you like and even freeze them to enjoy in summer. Also, they are one of the best breakfasts to start the day!.


Say goodbye to soft drinks and bet on flavored water.

Soft drink is one of the drinks that contain more calories, so we are committed to adding fruit to the water to give it a unique flavor and make it taste better. You can add the fruit that you like while keeping your body well hydrated.

Other very important aspects that will help you lose those extra pounds, and that you will also enjoy a lot are:

  • Do not forget to drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day
  • Rest at least 7 hours a day, it will help you lose weight and perform better in your studies and work
  • Give yourself a once in a while and do not be so prohibitive

In Rock Renee, not only are we the cutting edge of fashion trends, makeup and hairstyles, we also care about your health, since beyond the physical aspect, it is important to eat healthy, exercise and rest well. We are all beautiful inside and out, but we also do understand that there are some characteristics we may not like about ourselves. If you want to transform an aspect of yourself that you do not like and lose those extra pounds to aid improvement in your health, we recommend perseverance and effort, not going down a dangerous path that prevents you from eating.

Losing weight in a healthy way and without denying yourself of anything, is possible if you change these simple eating habits for healthier ones. Start betting on your health with these simple changes. We hope that these tips have helped you, and if you have any suggestions for healthy foods that we can include in our diet, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments box.

And do not forget, health comes first!

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