Transform your body at home with these simple exercises

January has begun, to give us a new year of possibilities, projects, and goals to fulfill. Our major purpose is to learn to take better care of ourselves, by combining a healthy diet and a routine of exercises that will help us lose weight and keeping you strong and healthy. Then when the dreaded miracle diets and enervating sessions appear in the gym, we begin to force our body with very drastic changes in our routine, and then end up abandoning and returning to poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Before you start exercising, you must be clear about what objective you want to reach and set for yourself steps to attain your goal. If you want to start little by little, it is best to give momentum to your body with daily walks. Park your car, leave the public transport, and start climbing stairs, you will see that with these simple changes you will start to notice much more agile and strong. When you feel ready to start with small exercises to get toning, you can do it at home until you feel ready to join the gym.

Stop seeing the exercise as a punishment and start to enjoy it. It is not difficult due to these 5 tricks. You can get fit and have fun at the same time, and much better If it is done with a friend or your partner!


The benefits of yoga..

Although this practice may sound uninteresting to many people, it is one of the most effective routines to start transforming our lives. It allows you to disconnect and concentrate all your energy in every movement that your body makes, improving in strength, resistance, and flexibility. With 20 minutes 3 days a week you will come to feel its benefits.


Work your body practicing GAP.

This type of fitness focuses on strengthening and toning buttocks, abdominals and legs. Though it may seem like a hard exercise, you should adjust it to your level. With it, you will get a flatter belly, greater resistance in the legs and hardened buttocks. Practice it with a friend and set weekly goals!


Have fun doing Zumba.

Dancing is one of the funniest modalities that have the greatest positive results. With the Zumba, you will do cardio and you will lose weight by having a good time dancing. You can check videos on any platform and imitate the choreographer, you’ll see how in a few sessions you’ll look like one of the dancers in the video!


Strengthen your legs with squats.

For the most daring, squat is a hard but very effective exercise to strengthen the leg and buttock area. In addition, it helps us improve our posture, but it is important to master the technique perfectly so as not to hurt ourselves. The more repetitions, the more weight loss!


Control your body using the Pilates method.

Discipline Pilates is very similar to yoga. It requires a lot of concentration and control and brings great benefits to our body, such as stability and consistency in the spine. It helps you lose weight but it also has many therapeutic results.


When you feel ready, go for a run.

There will come a point that your house will look too small, so when you feel that your body is ready, you can start running, doing small sessions of 5-10 minutes to improve your cardio. In a few weeks, you will notice results and the motivation to move forward will grow.

From Rock Renee, our fashion blog, we want to help you get off to a good start with your exercise routine and do not give up halfway. We are aware that for beginners it is very hard to start exercising, and above all to keep up, so it is important to start with a routine that suits your level.  Because of exercises, you will not only transform your body, but your mind will also experience an incredibly positive change.

Do not forget that in the article transform your body with this change of diet, we have already discussed on the importance of not following the so-called miracle diets, but to start changing eating habits gradually, with small changes in some foods. If you feel like eating between meals, it is best to bet on chopped vegetables and potatoes instead of the fried ones, or using avocado instead of butter for cooking, are delicious options with low-fat concentration and will help you lose weight while enjoying a good meal.

Rock Renee are well-informed of the latest fashion trends, and everything related to good diet and exercise, because we love to take care of our body and mind, and for us, health always comes first.

From Rock Renee, we assure you that it’s worth the effort!

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