The most striking transformations of the Grammys

The Grammys, the most important awards in the music industry attended every year by dozens of familiar faces, are taking place in a few weeks. As you already know, we like to stay updated on all events of the fashion world, and especially on the styles celebrities showcase on the red carpet at each event. We have already told you about the trends set by our favourite singers and actresses at the American Music Award gala, so this time around we want to go even further and show you one of the most controversial subjects of a red carpet… you guessed it – we are going to discuss hairstyle changes which have caught our attention the most during the last few years for our favourite singers at the Grammy Awards.

At Rock Renee we want to bring you the hottest news of the fashion arena, but we also like to go back a little in time and examine the fashion trends our celebrities stuck to, and most of all, the great transformations they have experienced throughout the years. We want to take a look back with you and check out those look changes that have captured our attention the most, and which we know caught yours as well at the time. Without further ado, here they are!


Adele is one of the queens of the Grammys with 15 awards, being the first artist to win the three main categories twice (album, record and song of the year). Her style has changed throughout the years, going from casual looks and hairstyles to betting on more elegant clothes. Her big transformation involved leaving ponytails behind and welcoming updos and a softer makeup. Even though we must acknowledge that updos make her look older than she is!

Taylor Swift

With 10 Grammy awards under her belt, Swift is the youngest artist to receive an award for album of the year and the first woman to receive two awards in the same category. Hair-wise, this artist surprises on every new album with a different look. In 2010 she received her first Grammys in her hallmark wavy hair with which she came to fame, and 6 years and many gossip magazine covers later, she surprised us in 2016 with an extreme bobbed over-the-chin hairstyle, fitting of a country – or should we say ‘pop’? – queen


The singer from Barbados has come away with 8 Grammy awards in the last 9 years, most in the pop, R&B and hip hop categories. She got her first award with her iconic single Umbrella, which propelled her right into stardom and a radical bobbed haircut, only to later renew her style with a very feminine pixie hairstyle in 2010. In 2016 she moved on to a long wavy brown hair that looked great on her, though we must say that her pixie style dazzled us!

Lady Gaga

The queen of makeovers could not be missing from this analysis. It has been very difficult for us to pick only two looks, but we definitely choose comparing her first Grammy red carpet with that of 2016, in which she surprised us with a fire-coloured wig as a tribute to David Bowie. Lady Gaga has come away with 6 Grammys in the last 8 years, among them, one for best pop vocal album, and is nominated in two categories for the upcoming year, so we are looking forward to seeing what her new makeover will be like in 2018!


Pink has been the winner of 3 Grammy Awards, one of them for best female rock vocal performance for her song Trouble. With a nomination for best pop solo performance in store for the next Grammy gala, Pink has been wowing us for years with the best live shows, with the last one being at the AMA gala, hanging off a building. Her style has always been very masculine, with a pixie haircut we love that gives her a powerful look.

Katy Perry

Even though Katy hasn’t received any Grammys, we did not want to leave her behind. She is a singer that has one of the largest followings nowadays and who changes her looks the most (a great plus to be among our favourites in today’s list!). Her first appearance at the Grammys was with a bobbed hairstyle and her characteristic dark hair, which is why we were surprised in 2017 by her blond medium-length hair, which she abandoned for a pixie cut mid-year. Let’s see what she’ll come up with in 2018!

Miley Cyrus

With over 170 awards – though none of them a Grammy – , Miley Cyrus has walked hundreds of red carpets eager to witness her looks. After leaving the Hannah Montana series, her look became much more rock-oriented, pith a long wavy brown hair. But her makeover came in 2013, when she took drastic measures and awed us with a super-blonde pixie cut. Even though now she is letting her hair grow, we must say that that haircut looked perfect on her!

After this overview of hair makeovers some of our favourite music stars have undergone, we are going crazy thinking about the new looks they will bring along in the next Grammy gala which, FYI, will be held on 28th January in New York. We will not miss the gala – we are dying to see what new look Taylor Swift has in store for us after the release of her new album, and are eager to know what Lady Gaga’s hairstylists come up with after having seen her with so many different looks.

Here at Rock Renee we have been amazed by the makeover capabilities these singers have, and it is really hard for us to say which change of look we have liked the most, because they are all smashing. Which do you think has been the best makeover among these artists? Let us know in the comments!

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