Romantic comedies with the best makeovers

If there is something we like at Rock Renee is the ability for people to reinvent themselves, to grow and transform, which is why today we want to motivate you with a post listing the best female makeovers on film. A throwback Thursday in its own right with leading actresses changing looks, in regard to their fashion trends, makeup and hairstyle.

Even though you probably know every movie by hard, the story is always the same: a socially awkward, clumsy and unhappy girl with a high intelligence, a sarcastic personality and a terrible sense of fashion who improves herself thanks to a makeover, helping her earn popularity, friends and her crush, all of this surrounded by a transformation that leaves everyone in awe.

At Rock Renee we bring you the best transformations from ugly duckling to beautiful swan of some of the movies with the most fashion style. What is your favourite makeover?


“Miss Congeniality – Sandra Bullock (2000)”

Daring special agent Gracie Hart is forced to participate in a beauty contest as an undercover agent. She therefore has to set aside her oversized outfits and learn manners to blend in among the dozens of models. Thanks to an makeover that includes waxing, ironing her hair, makeup and tight dresses she manages to save the day, find love, and learn that you can be feminine while wearing a suit and still kick ass.


Grease – Olivia Newton John (1978)

To conquer her high school crush, Sandy changes her sweet girl looks to make way for one of the most iconic makeovers in movie history. With a super-tight black jumpsuit and a biker jacket that drives us crazy, Sandy goes from good girl to femme fatale to impress Danny, the high school’s bad boy and her summer love. A decision that, while symbolic, implies that we should change who we are to impress the boy we like. If we decide to improve, it has to be for ourselves – never forget that. Say bye-bye to anyone who wants to change you!


“Pretty woman – Julia Roberts (1990)”

Mia Thermopolis tries to find love and her place in the world under a curly hair, thick-rimmed glasses and that iconic clumsiness. After being reunited with her grandmother, finding out she is the future queen of Genovia and completely flipping out, Mia begins a process of change to become the best queen for her people. A change of hairstyle, style and manners help her find herself while still being the sweet, clumsy teenager that won us over.

4 “The Princess Diaries – Anne Hathaway (2001)”

Mia Thermopolis intenta encontrar el amor y su lugar en el mundo enredada en su cabellera rizada, unas gafas con montura gruesa y con esa torpeza tan característica. Tras reencontrarse con su abuela, enterarse que es la futura reina de Genovia y quedarse completamente flipada, Mia inicia un camino de transformación para ser la mejor reina para su pueblo. Un cambio de peinado, estilo y modales le ayuda a encontrarse a sí misma sin dejar de ser la dulce y torpe adolescente que nos cautivó.


“The Devil Wears Prada – Anne Hathaway (2005)”

Andy Sachs is a journalist that ends up working as an assistant to a ruthless magazine editor. After spending more than half the movie avoiding trends and with scruffy looks, Andy decides to renew her wardrobe and put fashion on top of everything else, accomplishing amazing looks that drive us wild. This movie carries a bittersweet message, which is that not all changes are positive. Luckily, Andy goes back to being the sweet, hard-working girl she was, with a more human style and without setting trends aside.


“Never been kissed – Drew Barrymore (1999)”

When peculiar journalist Josie Geller finally lands her first job as an undercover high school student, she decides to go through a dreadful makeover. With a horrible perm, disarrayed makeup and drab styles, she goes back to school only to relive the nightmare of her teenage years. After falling for her teacher and giving lessons about humility, simplicity and innocence, she manages to reinvent herself and go back to a simpler and more naïve style, leaving Josie Grossy behind for good.

While many may think that these are frivolous stories, we know they involve more than physical change. All of these characters have had to learn to deal with their own issues, handle their stress and inadequacies before starting that transformation. The first changes come when we leave shame aside and believe in ourselves, which is why our ability for self-improvement is paramount if we want to start dazzling the people around us.

Here at Rock Renee we want to tell you this loud and clear: the ability to change is very important, but just as Coco Chanel said – and we highlight in our introduction post – the way to be irreplaceable is by being different, so we encourage you to find your place in the world by being yourselves, without trying to be who you are not. We are all unique and irreplaceable!

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