New year, new you – change your life this 2018

It is time to meet with our family and friends, to laugh and celebrate having enjoyed another year of their unconditional love, affection and companionship. When these dates arrive, we tend to do a review to see if we have accomplished the purposes that we established as goals, and most of the times we are aware of our resounding failure.

Fulfilling New Year’s resolutions are difficult, but not impossible, for that from Rock Renee, our fashion trends space, we want to offer you some advice so that this year you can definitely transform your life and accomplish all the goals you want. Our first recommendation is to forget the prohibitive purposes and try to embrace a year in which the only goal is to find and do what makes you truly happy.

For us, that we form the Rock Renee brand, it’s essential first to be good with ourselves to be able to accomplish our goals and dreams. For that, our first advice is to stop wishing being different or another person. In Rock Renee, our life goal is to be unique, originals and always ourselves, for that is important to be in peace and love each other. If you love yourself, you’ve already won a lot

We give you these 9 keys so that your year is full of personal success.


Change your eating habits

Whatever your goal is, it should always be healthy. Eating habits are one of the fundamental keys to start feeling better, either internally or externally. Eat less outside and make your food at home, it will help you keep to line what you eat each week. Independently of your preferences, eating healthy will improve your humor, your skin, your hair and will help you improve your concentration and sleep.


Dedicate more time to yourself

Go to the gym, sign up to those cooking or dancing lessons that long ago you wanted to do. Buy yourself a massage voucher, go to your favorite museum, enjoy nature or simply go around the city. Anything works if it gives you that little moment of tranquility and happiness you deserve.


Improve your sleeping habits

The things you do before going to bed are the key to improve your sleep. We recommend to you that one hour before going to bed you leave everything you’ll need for the next day ready, take a relaxing shower, take off your makeup and try not to do stressful things. Move the laptop and the cellphone away as much as you can from your bed and read a book or go to sleep 15 minutes earlier.


Avoid working overtime

Don’t spend more hours that the ones you should in your workplace, organize your time to make your hours more productive and try to leave at your hour each day. With that, you’ll rest the hours you should, you’ll enjoy more your family and friends or yourself, you’ll have more time for your responsibilities and the next day you’ll arrive to work with your batteries charged.


Become a volunteer, join causes for animals and the most disadvantaged

Any action is good to make a better world. Going to a soup kitchen, donate clothes, spend time in a nursing home or go to a dog pound or shelter to walk dogs or clean the enclosure are some of the ideas that we imagine, but you can do more than you think to help the others.


Celebrate the small achievements

Appreciating the small details, acknowledging your smallest achievements and celebrating a finished project you will feel better with yourself and keep working. Motivation and the feeling of effort and reward will help you to be more productive and satisfied.


Don’t compromise yourself with things you can’t do

Either because they’re outside your comfort zone or because you know you won’t have the time to do them, try not to compromise or make promises that later you won’t be able to meet. That way you prevent getting angry with yourself and with who you were committed. It’s better to commit little and comply, that to abuse of the promises and never keep your word.


Save for a trip

Saving a little money is one of the most desire purposes and that a few manage to accomplish. Make plans at home, not going much to restaurants, have breakfast at home and save savings in a piggy bank, it tends to be very effective and don’t change your routine excessively. With that, bit by bit you can manage to save to buy a ticket to your favorite city. Economize this way is easier with a goal.


Smile more, trust yourself and be honest to yourself

Taking care of yourself and changing your habits won’t work at all if you don’t assume a more positive attitude in your day to day. Smiling is very healthy, you reduce stress and you’re more relaxed. Another important aspect is to trust more in yourself and be true to yourself, give more importance to your thoughts, beliefs and values.

From Rock Renee, our fashion style page, we believe that the most important is starting the year with small objectives to make any bad situation that disgust you change and achieve that great transformation that you desire bit by bit. These changes can happen in many ways, for example with a change in our eating, in improving our routines, in changing those aspects with which we are not happy, and even simply in setting a short-term goal that we want to achieve with all our strength, like a trip.

Our biggest desire for you is that this 2018 be the year of your lives, a year in which you could achieve all of your goals and dreams. And you, have you already thought of a way of changing this next 2018 and that your life will be a lot better? What change of habit has changed your life recently? Leave some of your purposes in the comments!

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