Makeup trends for New Year’s eve

There’s little time for the last night of the year and from Rock Renee, our fashion trend page, we’re getting ready to end 2017 over the top. The night of December 31th is one of the most important ones, since it gives place to a new year full of dreams, projects and illusions. For so it deserves to be received as we like, so we already have days preparing what is going to be our outfit for that night.

Surely you already have thought your style, from the dress or costume you’ll use, the adequate shoes for the occasion, the complements and even the perfect hairstyle. The makeup is one of the last decisions that is taken, since it depends of the outfit you’ll be wearing. If you still don’t know how to wear your makeup, in Rock Renee we have impregnated by 3 of the lasts tendencies of the year, and we want to give you some of the best makeup looks for you to get inspired.

Burgundy Lips

There’s nothing sexier that coloring your lips, and this year the tendency marks that the burgundy color is essential if you want to be the queen of the Ends of the year party. The burgundy tones make us go crazy and during winter help us give that red wine color touch to our look. Actresses Carey Mulligan, Claire Danes or models like Rosie Huntington or Adriana Lima are followers of this trend, and makes us go crazy because it goes with every kind of skin and you can adjust the tone to lighter or darker as you desire.

The burgundy is a deep and seductive color, and it’s important to find harmony with the look you’ll have.

The intensity of the color is key to decide what kind of makeup wear in the cheekbones and eyes. If we want to give absolute prominence to our lips, it’s important to accompany them with a soft makeup and with pink eyes shadow. If you want it to be a completely breaking look for nights, the key is nude makeup with long eyelashes and smoky eyes.

Monochromatic makeup

The actress from Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell, is always up to date in matters of makeup and fashion. Her brown skin and that long mane allows her to have very diverse looks, being her face’s tone the key for her being one of the queens of nude makeup. Shay Mitchell has joined the tendency of monochromatic makeup, which allows to coordinate the lipstick with the nail polish, the eyes shadow and even the outfit. The technique of the monochromatic makeup is based in that eyes, lips and cheeks keep a similar range of shadows.

This year the actress dazzled with a warn makeup with beige tones easy to wear. For the eyelids Mitchell’s makeup artist created a dimensional and radiant smoky eye, maintaining the eye’s fold in a darker tone and the arounds of the eyelids with lighter shadows.

The trick is in giving luminosity into the different tones.

For the lips it was used a pure brown lipstick to give an earthly tone to the lip, included a lot of rimel in her eyelashes and outlined her eyebrows to round this look.

Another way of wearing a monochromatic look is the one from the model Karolina Kurkova which, with a lighter skin and a more pink makeup, shows us that this style is suitable to everyone.

Glitter Makeup

If what you’re looking for is your look to be the most striking of the party, one of the most incredible tendencies is the glitter makeup. Glitter Makeup will add glamour and class to your outfit, transforming you into the queen by just stepping into the dance floor. In Rock Renee we love to add a bit of glitter to the eye’s shadow, and the most fascinating is that all the color options are infinite.

The glitter in the eyelids can bring prestige and the attention you need for the night of the end of the year. For example, brown color gives your outfit an elegancy touch, while the smoothness of golden pink color gives your style a unique and exiting touch, perfect for any occasion. Pink for its part, is a color that will add femininity and romanticism to your look, while golden is perfect for giving elegance to your outfit.

We, without a doubt stay with the golden pink color, for that we leave you with a video so you can learn how to apply it!

These 3 tendencies seems spectacular to us and suitable for all of us. But before all we want to give you an advice, and it’s that you should feel comfortable with the makeup you wear. You can use it both for dinner at home with your family as well as in a restaurant surrounded by your friends or couple, and you should take care it last all night long and you could enjoy the most of the party.

In makeup issues, the debate is served. The diversity of possibilities is wide, and the taste of each one matters at the time of choosing the makeup that better fits us. Without a doubt, this 2017 ends with big tendencies that we have talked about in this post about how to makeup yourself for the end of the year. The brown and y pink tones, the XXL eyelashes, the burgundy lips and the minimalistic looks have captivated many women this year, and from Rock Renee we’re anxious to discover what new tendencies 2018 will bring to us.

And you do already know what look you’ll be wearing to finish the year over the top? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments box, you’ll give us great ideas for the next looks.

From Rock Renee, our fashion trends page, we wish you that the dinner and party of the end of the year to be spectacular, and that this next year you’ll be very happy and all your dreams and goals come true. We hope you have a year full of smiles and challenges!

MERRY 2018!

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