Love and fashion go hand in hand this February

Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.
– John Keats, English poet.

February is one of our favorite months for two distinct reasons. It is the month of love and one of the most important dates in the world of fashion, and from Rock Renee, our fashion trends blog, we are true followers of all the events related to love and the new clothing collections. This week, we want to talk you about Valentine’s Day and in addition make a point of the most important events to be held this month in the catwalks of capitals as influential in fashion as New York or London.

February, the month of love

February 14 is the day chosen in many countries to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Its origin dates back to the year 496, when Pope Gelasius I established February 14 as the day of the feast of Saint Valentine’s, although, at that time it wasn’t a day designed for lovers. The first proven historical relationship of St. Valentine’s Day is not until 1382, year in which the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer mentioned in his poem The Parliament of birds” on the day of Valentine, relating it as the day of the celebration of love.

It was not until 1842, when Esther Angel Howland began selling its first postcards for Valentine’s Day with the shape of heart or Cupid, a tradition that is still very common today and it continues in many countries. Although the tradition did not spread in much of the world until the 19th century, especially Western, Valentine is now one of the most celebrated days around the globe, either to celebrate the day of love, friendship or affection.

We are fascinated with being read from different parts of the world!

After a little bit of history, we have prepared a surprise for you that we are sure you will love. As we know that you read us from different countries, we have prepared a small guide of the best known celebrations in case any of our readers visit your country this Valentine’s day or next.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your visit and comments from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Berlin, California, New York, Naples and Rome.


German lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day since 1950 when English immigrants held the first Valentine’s Ball in the country. The custom marks that day red roses and chocolates are given, although most Germans prefer the celebration to be the least commercial possible, and they flatter their lover with a candlelit dinner, a book, an invitation to the theater , or by putting their partner a warm pillow on the bed before going to sleep. Some of the most romantic activities for Valentine’s Day are a boat ride throught rivers such as Hamburg or visit the island of Mainau on Lake Constance.

United States

In the United States, the first Valentine’s Day postcards arrived from Howland, and it is one of the most common traditions nowadays. Gifts such as chocolates, balloons, stuffed animals and cards are usually given and the tradition starts at schools with My Valentine cards, and celebrating a special dance or party. If you travel to New York, you should know that in the viewpoint of the Empire State Building, seven couples are selected to marry that day in front of an incredible view of the skyscrapers.


The Valentine’s Day celebrations in Italy are similar to those in Germany or Spain, where we usually give out candy, a dine by candlelight and take long walks. They say that if you are in love, you must take your partner to Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, where it is also very common to install stalls on the streets on Valentine’s Day, offering special products that is accompanied by concerts and shows.

As a matter of curiosity, it is said that in Italy, single women go to bed early, they wake up in the morning before sunrise and look out on the balcony, at the window or at the door, waiting for the passage of a man. The legend says that the woman will end up marrying that same year with the man who was walking.

The best of autumn-winter 2018 fashion

As we have already mentioned, February is also a month dedicated to fashion. We will have an appointment with the best designers in different parts of the world in the next few weeks, thanks to the Fashion Week Fall / winter dedicated to the new autumn-winter collections of the year 2018. You cannot miss how the catwalks of some of the most important capitals in the world are filled with colors. Here are the dates for this 2018, but we anticipate that at the moment only the Paris calendar is official and that the other dates may change!

  • NEW YORKfrom February 8 to 16
  • Londonfrom February 16 to 20
  • MILANFrom february 21 to 27
  • PARISfrom February 27 to March  6

If you plan to travel soon, check the following dates, stay tuned for all the news on the official fashion pages, and tell us what you think about the designers’ outfits!

And don’t forget to comment in our fashion blog about that special plan you have for this next Valentine’s Day. We hope, from Rock Renee that you celebrate it with a lot of love, surrounded by your family, friends and that special person that you have by your side

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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