How to attend a Fashion Week event

Do not be left without an invitation to Fashion Week, follow these steps to get yours!

If you’re in love with the fashion industry and you’re dying to attend Fashion Week in big cities like New York, London, Paris and Milan, you should know that it’s not easy, since these events do not sell tickets and the only way to attend is by getting one of the valuable invitations that only people with more impudence and hard work (and luck!) get. If you have ever dreamed of attending a fashion show, do not despair, because it is not impossible! On Rock Renee, our fashion blog, we explain in this post how you can attend an upcoming Fashion Week and rub shoulders with great fashion designers.

Until very recently, fashion shows were aimed at potential clients and the media, who sat in the front row next to major fashion magazine publishers such as Jessica Dave, who was in charge of Vogue America, or Carmel Snow, the editor in charge of Harper’s Bazaar. But over the years things have inevitably changed. Press, celebrities, socialites, it girls, influencers, bloggers…, nowadays all of them compete to sit in the front-row of one of the most popular events in the world.

Actresses, singers and influencers know that by sitting in the front-row of the most important fashion shows in the world, they will not only discover all the novelties about fashion, but they will have a privileged place in the most important magazines and social networks of the world of fashion thanks to the insatiable photographers who will capture all of their movements. For them it is necessary to take care of every detail of their styling and interact with the best designers at the event.

Everything in this life is achieved through good preparation, and attending a Fashion Week event is no different to that. If you are not one of those people who receive invitations from great designers, it is time to start working so some day on you will get on the coveted guest list; so from Rock Renee, our fashion blog, we give you the keys so that you can be one of the really lucky ones who receive these long-awaited invitations.

If you want to be up to date on all the trends and meet designers, celebrities and all brands, work on the following key points and soon you will be seeing the outfits of great designers first hand!

Pass as specialized media

Working in one of the most important fashion magazines in the world offers you the possibility of getting your own press pass and even an accreditation for backstage. If you are part of a publishing house, do not forget to request that big report that is being prepared and offer your services as the best fashion journalist

Be an influencer

Influencers are fundamental parts of fashion shows. You do not have to prove a long career as a blogger or Twitteratti, but it is important that, when you ask for your accreditation, you can show that you have an impact among young people through your profile. Today, being an influencer opens many doors for you, and if you have a long list of followers (thousands and thousands!) it is possible for a designer or magazine to contact you directly to represent them at those events.

Offer yourself as a volunteer

Although it is not in a comfortable chair next to big celebrities, being part of the show as a volunteer also offers great experiences. Many brands need people behind the scenes to dress models, take attendees to their seats and, if you so desire, maybe in the future after getting the confidence of a designer, get a job within the organization. Many companies make up the show, from music to lights – who knows where you can get your chance!

Request an invitation on the official websites

Although it is very difficult to get a designer to send you an invitation, nothing is impossible! All the fashion shows have a form to request invitations, where you will have to prove that you are worthy of receiving one of them. We recommend you always start with small brands that want to fill their rooms, you will see how you will receive an answer and help you little by little as you climb towards your great goal.

Use your contacts

If you know someone who works as a designer, you won’t lose anything by asking for an invitation! If you want to add to your chances, we recommend that you go out a lot to get to know people from that world. Socializing in the right places will allow you to get closer to more accessible designers who can offer you a pass to their catwalks.

We encourage you to keep working hard on your fashion blog or social network to start emerging much more and get that hoped-for invitation. Nor is it bad to start as a volunteer and work with your great charisma and charm to be able to dazzle the designers. Do not wait any longer!

If you want to enjoy all the events live from your home, you can see them from the following link that we provide from the Fashion Week Online. Enjoy the best of fashion like never before!


Tell us, have you ever attended a fashion show? Tell us what your experience was like in our comment box!

What do you think of the catwalks in New York and London? Do not forget that up until March 6, you can still enjoy the best fashion news with the fashion weeks that are about to start in Milan and Paris!

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