Give your home a makeover without a great budget

Is said New Year new life, and in Rock Renee, our fashion blog, we’re authentic fans of transformations. One of the aspects that we’re most passionate about are home makeovers, although today it’s really expensive to make full remodeling in our home, also that in the middle of the Christmas season the budget increases with the gifts, meals and Christmas decoration. The stats says that the first quarter of the year is the best time to give that change to your home, so we recommend to you to start planning the changes as soon as possible, in spring you can invite all your friends to enjoy the new look that your house will have.

If your house doesn’t need an urgent makeover, we can focus in those little details that will help your home looks like new. For so we recommend to you small tasks which will help you give a new face to your house in a cheap way. Also, you can take advantage and reinvent yourself and put imagination into the makeover, or making your home an even more personal place according to your taste. With a moderate budget and without great expenses, you can make your house have a completely different aspect.

Take a look to these 6 easy advices that could help you to transform your home with mini prices and without setting your card on fire.


Give your walls a new color

Giving a new layer of paint to your home may seem too poor, but in fact is one of the most important steps to make your house looks different. If you prefer, with wallpapers you can also make your rooms have a concrete pattern. For example, if you want your dining room have a more rustic aspect, you can add a stone wallpaper; if you prefer the style to be modern, you can play with colors and more colorful wallpapers.


Create a false fireplace

If in your hall or dining room you have a wall free of furniture, you have the opportunity to be very original by adding a false fireplace to your home. You’ll need four boards of different sizes to create a shelf, two pillars and a surface, and to put imagination into the colours that you’ll want to add. When you have your fireplace you can add decoration, books or candles that gives that fireplace own sensation of illumination.


Change knobs, handles and hinges

A very economic and original touch that makes a big difference is to change those small details like the knobs, handles and hinges. The installation is also very simple, but if you don’t want to spend money you can always paint them, giving a touch of color to that corner you want.

If you dare, you can also paint your doors. Painting them with is always a safe bet, which helps your home looks classier and minimalistic. If you prefer, you can add other objects, as a photography frame, do you remember the famous door from Monica’s apartment in Friends? You add originality and legend to your home thanks to a simple detail.


Play with frames distribution

If the walls in your house are a Little naked, you can start adding frames that defines you or the room. You can bet for a different distribution of the frames, create symmetries, play with the furniture, mirrors, and even colors. You can also give a chance to own photographs, hanging them of second hand frames and creating a very personal space that will get the eyes of all your visitors.


Visually expand your home

If you want to expand your home and don’t want to get into an unfinishable work, there are a lot of fantastic tricks with which you’ll be able to visually expand any corner you need. For that, we recommend the use of light colors to paint your walls and ceilings, this way you’ll be able to visually expand any of the rooms you want. We know that the vivid colors are trending, but if your house is small, you’ll only be able to visually reduce it.


Add light with mirrors

Adding mirrors you’ll also be able to expand your home since they’re great light reflectors. If you already have mirrors, you can give them a different aspect giving a touch of paints that harmonize with your furniture, and if it’s with a light color they’ll give that sensation of enlarging that we need. If you want to give a vintage touch to your home, you can always go to a market and get one at a very little price.

Now you see, that Little by Little you can give life to your home without getting red numbers in your bank account. For us changing our home once or twice per year give us that feeling of a new start that helps us starting new exciting projects. If you see you can’t afford any budget in a makeover for your home, you can always modify the distribution of your furniture, increasing the possibilities of transformation.

Now you know, start to plan that this spring and summer you could enjoy a new home without changing your address. If your friends dare, you can ask them to lend a hand with the buying and distribution of everything you buy. It’ll be a unique moment for you that could always enjoy.

Tell us! Which is your best trick to give life to one of your rooms?

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