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Coco Chanel once said that “the only way to be irreplaceable is to always be different”. A very simple phrase filled with character we can completely relate to, due to the clear message it conveys, and translates into the statement that being original is what matters the most. This is what we want this blog to become: a special place, unique and different – that space in which we can, all together, enjoy fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

We wanted to get our blog started with a phase by the legendary French designer since, one century after her first steps in the world of design, this phrase is still in the mind of many fashion addicts. Coco Chanel was one of the most influential fashion designers in the history of fashion, and is still nowadays offering that elegance, determination and vitality that she conveyed throughout her life in her designs, lifestyle and phrases.

Rock Renee has been created with a vision of transformation and change. We want to target our project, ideas, content and images to all those successful women who start to walk their path in the world, who want to feel transformed without the need to excessively change their lives. The Rock Renee brand is not only a blog, but also a digital fashion brand. Our items will be intelligently designed, providing a greater function and versatility to every piece of clothing, turning our products into truly essential items for your wardrobe that will completely change your lives!


Much more than a fashion blog

At Rock Renee we want to be a place in which you relate to what we write, to our history and to our brand. That haven where you can be yourself, where you have the choice to give us your opinion at all times without concern and to ask us whatever you want. We hope to be the blog that you can use for inspiration for your own creations, so that you release to the outer world that unique and original person we know you are.

We want to work to get a smile out of you, to fill your spirit with magic with our texts, and offer you a message of freedom, free spirit and passion for the world of fashion. We hope to be that corner where we can offer you every advice on fashion style, trends and makeovers you need; in short, that place where you can sit with your friends and check out anything related to makeovers, from the fashion world, through make-up, to hair.

We will walk the red carpet of the most important fashion, music and film events; we will closely analyse celebrity outfits; we will compare their styles as years go by; and we will discuss the most fashion-oriented films, among many others. We will leave no matter undiscussed, and we hope to receive your opinions about what we write, and for you to tell us which subjects you want to discuss.

We hope you enjoy the content we have in store for you as much as we have enjoyed writing it! And don’t forget – in a few months we will open an online store. Keep an eye out for our posts, because soon we will tell you about our project, and we assure you it will be amazing! See you in the next post, and don’t ever forget – true wealth lies in difference.

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