After the Weinstein case the world changes. Women stopped being silenced.

If 2017 finish over the top in the celebrities world, we feel that 2018 will start making a lot of noise after the phenomenon occurred in the Hollywood world after the accusations to Harvey Weinstein, one of the most influent film producers in the last 20 years who is being massively denounced for the last three months for sexual harassment and abuse for dozens of women. The producer, expelled since from his own company and the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, acknowledged that his behavior was objectionable and he’s getting therapeutic help while he sees his career falling bit by bit.

As many of you already know, the millionaire movie producer, that started his career in 1981, he took advantage of his situation and power in the movie’s world, in uncountable occasions, of actresses that were starting their movie career. After committing his abuses, sometimes even raping, as it happened with the actress Rose McGowan in 1997, Weinstein bought her silence with a legal arrangement. After the accusations to the producer, the case started growing as it were an expansive wave, appearing new complaints every week of famous actresses that Weinstein wanted to catch in his nets, like Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne and even Angelina Jolie.

Now that we are in the middle of the awards season (the next January 7th the ceremony of the Golden Globes will be celebrated), many celebrities want to join the protests to give more importance to the complaints and the created Twitter movement called #metoo, that searches the global complaint of those people that have suffered sexual harassment, and that has created a whole army of fighters that are not willing to silence anymore the abuses and harassment suffered. After the complaints to Weinstein, dozens of directors, actors, presenters, journalists and even senators are being accused by their victims, which, even after waiting years to denounce, have found the light at the end of the tunnel after the Weinstein phenomenon, and now they feel heard and valued.

The mourning continues in the Golden Globes: the actresses will dress black as a form of protest against harassment

The Golden Globes will not dress this year with dream dresses, at least that was what we deduced after the exclusive launched by TMZ this weekend. The page, specialized in the world of entertainment, offered an exclusive interview with one of the most requested designer by actresses and singers: Michael Costello. The designer affirmed that he’s receiving many requests by the stylists of the famous asking for black dresses for the  Golden Globes, so we have echoed a possible silence protest against Harvey Weinstein and the other dozens of harassment denounces that have took place after the uncover of his sexual abuses during three decades.

According to People’s magazine, actresses like Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Jessica Chastain will join the protest wearing their black dresses in the red carpet as a sign of protest against sexual harassment and abuse. They would solidarize with actresses like Rose McGowan, Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman, Lupita Nyong’o, Rosanna Arquette or Katherine Kendall, that have openly denounced having suffered sexual abuse, while they protest for a gender equality that still doesn’t exist today.

If finally our predictions came true, we would find ourselves in a historical moment, which follows a massive denunciation, completely transcendental, which has never been seen in the film industry. The saying that an image is worth a thousand words will be fulfilled and we’ll see how a silent protest at first would become an earthquake, in an avalanche that will mark a before and after in the fight against abuse, in the way how the film industry watches and mutes what happens.

Bit by bit we see how the empowerment of women becomes more and more real, allowing the changes in the industry to be more notable and stop silencing our work, our rights and our strength.

In our Company we are completely aware of what is happening in Hollywood. And it’s that Rock Renee is not only a fashion blog, but a place where we hope to make you smile, a space where we toast for personal freedom, free spirit and where we bet all of our and your dreams to come true.

For that, when we echoed of everything happening in the Weinstein case, we wanted to join the complaint. Because nobody has the right to abuse us, because nobody has the right to buy our silence, because it’s not about blaming women for the clothes they wear but, blaming the abuser for his actions.

We’ll be watching the celebration to see if the protest takes place. Meanwhile, don’t stop visiting our page, you’ll find all the news in the fashion world, hairstyles, tendencies and the best curiosities, and don’t miss the news about our brand, we’re about to reveal our best kept secret!

And remember girls: don’t let anybody silence you.

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